A.J. Excavation Inc. has committed that Safety, Technology & Transparency are critical aspects of business in order to insure our customer the best possible finished product. A.J. Excavation is committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value and client satisfaction. Since 2009 A.J. Excavation has worked in the Public, Federal, Private and Utility markets all over California.

Safety, is our top priority, and we are committed to teaching and preventing any foreseen possible hazards in the workplace. Our company strives for excellence with an EMR of .77 and that is only achieved when employees in the field have the same goal. Our company has morning, noon, and if there is any change of scope tailboards to identify any hazards, quarterly safety meetings, and random drug tests. Each crew member is equipped with a radio so that communication between the team on equipment and on the ground can always be achieved.

Technology and the newest construction software is a key to our success in the field. Our company runs Ag-Teck software which helps us populate 3-D designs and communicate in the field to the handheld devices for the proper cut/fill, so that it’s done correctly the first time. Sharpsoft is the tool we also use in the office for estimating, that helps give a very acute breakdown of all the equipment needed and a time frame the project should take.

Transparency, our capabilities in the field are tremendous. We are a company of our word, and work hard for every customer to make sure the end product is what you would be proud of. We want the relationship as your contactor to be a very open and positive one.