Crazy Horse Project

In March of 2012 the California Public Utilities Commission issued a notice to proceed to PG&E for the construction of the 115 kV Crazy Horse Switching station near Monterey Ca. Shortly after the process began of adding logging roads and the removal of over 200 tree’s on very steep terrain. AJ Excavation Inc. was given the massive undertaking clearing and grubbing over 12 acres and then began the process of cut/fill of over 300,000 cubic yards of soil and rock. As we built the site all sub-drain improvements were installed as well as benching and swales to ensure the drainage. After 40,000 incident free man-hours and a massive fleet of equipment we had successfully built a 6 acre usable site with over 4000 feet of paved roadways. The switching station is a very critical part of the PG&E’s system and we are extremely proud to have been chosen to perform the work!

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