Quinto Switchyard Station Project

Quinto 230 kV BAAH Switchyard Project

In April 2014 General Electric & PG&E awarded the Quinto Switching Station Project to AJ Excavation Inc. This project was under a strict timeline and the land needed to support it was an abandoned fruit tree orchard. In May of 2014 AJ started the process of removing 7 acres of tree stumps and performing and over-excavation and backfill of the entire site. We started the foundation process where we installed a new MPAC Building foundation, Battery Building foundation and over 160 additional foundations to support all dead-end structures, buss supports and breakers. As we moved through the project we placed over 200,000 SF of base-rock to final grade and installed over 11,000 SF of new asphalt road-ways, and a concrete lined SPCC pond. We are proud to have turned the project over early and remain key suppliers for both companies today.

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